Electronics and Electrical Engineering Applications

  • Optimization of electronic circuits and electronic systems in the industrial environment
  • Highly reliable electronic circuits architecture, application possibilities, self-repair and self-configuring solutions
  • Architectural possibilities of Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA)
  • Online connection of programmable logic controllers, industry sensors and electro-pneumatic devices

Industry 4.0, Robotics

  • Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Design, construction, operation and use of robots
  • Optimal application of systems responsible for controlling robots, sensory feedback and information processing  
  • Robot programming and construction
  • AGV forklift fleet for portable robot development navigation

Data Analysis and Data Mining

  • Development of scientific databases, data analyses, data mining
  • Intelligens adatelemzési, adatbányászati módszerek használata neurális háló és önszervező térkép alapú megoldásokkal
  • Traditional and intelligent, neural network based methods, software development for data analysis
  • Ecological, high education and demographic databases

Business Informatics

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • New way of thinking in teaching ERP Systems
  • Application of robust and innovative ERP systems individually adapted to the actual corporate environment
  • Design and development of effective solutions, sustainability and innovation
  • Control Systems of Mechanized Car Parking Houses

Engineering Education

  • Examination of education methodology in the technical higher education with special regard to the teaching of digital technology and measurement technology
  • Work based learning, practical training, the dual education program
  • Career orientation, career attitudes in technical studies
  • International and EU trends in VET and engineering education

Economics, Mathematics, Statistics

  • Statistics for Business and Economics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Combinatorial number theory, Ramsey theory
  • Analysis of students' entrepreneurial intentions, attitudes, business start-up activities and entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Investigating the influencing factors in entrepreneurial activity
  • Research of Human Resource Management processes and programs of an organization
  • Human capital investments of students in higher education

Cognitive Science

  • The usage of neuropsychological platforms to describe, understand and interpret interpersonal and also social relations
  • The usage of neuropsychological platforms in curriculum development

Applied Linguistics

  • Negotiating emotions and identity in bilingualism
  • Investigation of code-switching strategies to mediate communicative intent
  • Getting an insight into the language user’s self-perception as reflected in their language alternation habits and metalinguistic comments