Corporate experience was shared by the participants of the dual workshop on Thursday morning at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University, where dual training was launched two years ago with 19 students of engineering information. This March there are almost 70 students at the faculty in Székesfehérvár on one of the five dual BSc courses (land surveying and land management engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, informatics engineer, technical manager). In the  2017/2018 session  160 practical training places will be available for the entering students at the dual partner companies.

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Dr. habil. György Györök, dean of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty greeted the participants of the workshop. He was happy to get first-hand feedback from the dual companies again and invited the participating associates for collective thinking.

Csaba Varga, deputy chancellor of Óbuda University rendered thanks for the partner companies and the self government for cooperating. At the same time he emphasized the importance of dual training and the commitment of the university to practical-oriented trainings. As a result of dual training, graduate students already have special work experience. Csaba Varga has called the Székesfehérvár dual training exemplary and constructive.

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Monika Pogátsnik, head of the Dean Office was talking about the time management of 2016/2017, the preparation of practical training timetables, and the adjustment of the academic schemes to the dual training curriculum, the enrolment promoting activities and making dual contracts for 2017/2018. In addition she provided practical information for the participants of the workshop in connection with the preparation of the contracts and creating WebPages.

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Richárd Veres, HR and Public Relations manager described the enrolment promoting marketing activity of the 2017/2018 dual session in the organization of the self-government of Székesfehérvár. He reminded the participants of the Dual Information Day (27/04/2017 in the assembly room of the City Hall). It will be the next forum where high-school nominees and dual companies can meet.

In general, dual training companies reported that the dropout of dual training students is minimal; they were satisfied with dual training. The new partner companies from September, 2017 are going to prepare for the reception of the students. The participants agreed on the importance of finding suitable mentors in the dual program.
The representatives of the university gave the possibility of a corporate mentor program. The workshop was accomplished with the drafting of tasks.