Students approve of dual training.

Budapest, 20 January, 2017 –according to a survey at four universities, students approve of dual training. When choosing a profession, they consider professional development more important than salary. Professional development can be achieved through practical training. In favor of this direction, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has signed a contract with four national universities today about the launching of dual training. Owing to this new type of cooperation, companies will be able to get qualified workforce, universities can provide a new type of education for their students and students will get an even more valuable degree. In this year’s program more than 30 students are getting valuable work experience.

According to a recent survey by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, students would like practical knowledge with their degrees and that is why most of them stand for dual training. This result shows that the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary was right when decided to enter into dual contract with four Hungarian universities in food and mechanical engineering. The agreement was signed by Mina Agelidis, managing director of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary and the rectors of Óbuda University, Szent István University, Szeged University and Pannon University. István Nagy PhD, agricultural undersecretary and other government representatives  were also present.

Dual training is beneficial for all three of the contracting parties. Students get work experience and salary for the entire length of the training and after three and a half years they will have better chances for employment.

According to Minas Agelidis, managing director of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary qualified workforce is unanimously today’s number one condition of competitiveness. That is why dual training can be expected to gain ground more and more in higher education and at companies in the future. With the present contract the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary will get a continuous supply of excellent, trained labor force in the XXI century.

István Nagy PhD emphasized that the government has an ambitious strategy for the development of food industry and supports innovative solutions for training larger workforce with up-to-date way of thinking for the enlarging investments. Dual training is an essential element of the industrial strategy for medium and long-term purposes.

The Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has developed dynamically recently in the region. As the leading bottler of the region, it employs 1100 people at present.

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