Students participating in the double degree program must obtain 240 ECTS credits to receive both degrees. They must obtain a certain part of all ECTS credits at the student's home institution and the other part at the other institution awarding the double degree.
Both universities shall fully recognize all ECTS credits and associated credits obtained by students participating in the double degree program at the other institution, in accordance with the conditions below.


TIIAME Bachelor in Geodesy and Geoinformatics sample curriculum

ÓE Land Surveying and Land Management Engineering Bachelor degree sample curriculum

Equivalency table

The subjects listed in the equivalence table can be completed at any selected institution (TIIAME or ÓE) and will be mutually recognized by the two universities.

Subjects that are not included in the equivalence table only in the TIIAME curriculum must be completed at the TIIAME, which are listed only in the ÓE curriculum, they must be completed at the ÓE.


Conditions of admission for the final exam:

  • The student who accomplished the study and examination requirements of both institutions and obtained the required credits can apply for the joint final exam.
  • The preparation of the integrated dissertation takes place under the joint supervision of the two institutions, both institutions provide a consultant. The integrated dissertation must be accepted by the reviewer.

Students participating in the program take an integrated final exam in which academic representatives from both Parties are present online or in person. The series of questions for the final examination shall be determined jointly by both partner universities.