1 Mathematics I. Advanced Mathematics
2 Geometry I. Advanced Mathematics
3 Surveying I. Surveying I.
4 Physics Physics
5 Mathematics II. Advanced Mathematics
6 CAD applications (E learning) CAD applications (E learning) (elective)
7 Surveying II. Surveying II
8 Map Projections Cartographic design
9 Geoinformatics I. Basics of geoinformation cartography
10 Adjustment Calculations Theory of mathematical processing of geodetic measurements (elective)
11 Photogrammetry I. Digital photogrammetry
12 Geoinformatics II. (E-learning) Geoinformation systems and technologies
13 Photogrammetry II. Digital photogrammetry (elective)
14 Topography Cartographic design
15 Large Scale Mapping I. Designing and creating maps
16 Geodetic Networks Modern geodetical equipment
17 Land and Urban Management I. Land resource management
18 Engineering Surveying I. Surveying II.
19 GIS Applications I. GIS Applications I. (elective)
20 Remote Sensing Remote sensing of the earth
21 Satellite Positioning Space Geodesy
22 Project work Course work, Course project
23 Digital Cartography Cartography
24 Geodesy Advanced Geodesy
25 Engineering Surveying II. Surveying II.
26 Land and Urban Management II. Landscaping
27 Field Practice in Surveying Qualifying practice
28 Field Practice in Land Surveying Qualifying practice
29 Complex Field Practice Qualifying practice