Qualification: Technical manager

Type of courses: full-time

Level of education: BSc

Length of training: 7 semesters

The objective:

The objective is to obtain the knowledge of economic and organizational sciences with an insight into technical and natural sciences. Technical managers are related to technical technologies, equipment as products and services.  Experts will control informatics, financial and human   processes as well. The technical manager specialization is mainly for young people who possess good communication skills, creativity and show a keen interest in the processes of business life and public relations as well as in technical and natural sciences.

Optional economic specializations:

  1. Quality management
  2. Service management

Optional technical specializations:

  1. Facility management
  2. Corporate logistics

Professional training:

The professional training is at least for 7 weeks at professional training facilities. Professional training is a criterion.

 Dual training participants have a professional training period after each active semester.

Entrance information: