Qualification: Informatics engineer

Type of courses: full-time

Level of education: BSc

Length of training: 7 semesters

The objective:

The objective is to train informatics engineers who are able to plan, develop, implement and operate technical informatics, informatics infrastructural, data and program systems. There has been an ever increasing demand on the workforce of informatics engineers on the labor market recently, making this specialization one of the most popular choices among applicants.

Optional specializations:
E curriculum:

  1. Big Data business intelligence
  2. Cloud service technologies and IT security

D curriculum:

  1. Ambient systems
  2. Informatics safety and system engineer
  3. Corporate information systems

Technical training:

The technical training is for 8 weeks at least at a technical training facility. Technical training is a criterion.

 Dual training participants have a technical training after each active semester.

Entrance examination information: