Qualification: Mechatronics engineer

Type of education: full-time, part-time

Level of training: MSc

Length of courses: 4 semesters

The objective:
The objective of the Mechatronics engineer specialization is to train experts who are able to integrate electronics, electrotechnics and computer based control into mechanical engineering in a synergic, world standard way. They will work out concepts for mechatronical equipment, processes, systems and intelligent machines with modeling, planning, production design, operation and maintenance. Mechatronical engineer experts will be able to develop and introduce new technologies, attend to higher-level controlling and organizational tasks in innovative areas of mechanics of national and international engineering projects.

Optional specialization:
Mechatronics of intelligent robot systems

Professional training:
The professional training is at least a contiguous, 4-week period at professional training places. Its further requirements are in the curriculum. Professional training is a criterion and an integral part of the thesis.

Dual training participants have a corporate training after each active semester.

Entrance information.