Land Surveying and Land Management Engineer (BSc)

General description of the training: The purpose of the training is to train engineers in the field of land administration, including state land surveying and mapping, and land surveying and geoinformation  enterprises.
They are engineers who can make measurements, they are familiar with the tools of surveying and geospatial data collection (total stations, laser scanners, GNSS receivers, devices and instruments of aerial surveying and remote sensing) as well as data processing and visualization methods. They are familiar with the role and implementation of geodetic reference systems. They are capable of drawing sketches related to the change in real estate properties, professional documents and set-up in geodetic surveying in construction, construction management, and motion examination tasks, and creating geospatial systems. They are involved in the implementation of nature and environmental protection, land protection and real estate development tasks.
Whom we recommend it? For those who love nature, maps, precise engineering work, implementation of construction plans, collection of location based information and services.
Training time: 7 semesters
Training location: Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Training forms: full time training, part time training
Training cost: full time training: 250.000 HUF/semester, part time training: 250.000 HUF/semester
It will be started in the form of state scholarship as well.
Main subjects taught during the course: Informatics, Geoinformatics, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Geodetic Networks, Large Scale Mapping, GPS, Land Management, Land Registry, Projections, Geodesy
Tutors: Dr. György Busics, Dr. Péter Engler, Dr. Lóránt Földváry, Dr. Tamás Jancsó, Dr. János Katona, Dr. Andrea Pődör, Dr. Péter Tarsoly, Dr. Zoltán Tóth, Dr. Péter Udvardy, Dr. Malgorzata Wojtaszek Verőné
In which language is it available? Hungarian
Where can you find job? Land administration, land surveying and spatial information companies, construction companies, military cartography.
Connected MSc programmes: Engineer in Land Surveying and Geoinformatics (MSc)
If you have any questions about this programme, please contact: Study Administrator:
Edit Máténé Varju
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+36 22 200 422 Course coordinator:
Dr. György Busics associate professor
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