Qualification: Electrical engineer

Type of courses: full-time, part-time

Level of education: BSc

Length of courses: 7 semesters

The objective:

There has been an increasing demand on the electrical engineer courses because it opens a lot of opportunities in the field of (micro) electronics, telecommunication, measurement and instrument techniques, automation, electrical energetic systems and computer technologies. Students of electrical engineer courses will deal with equipment and system design fulfill measuring, qualifying and controlling tasks; participate in equipment implementation and operation as well as in the accomplishment of servicing and product management tasks. In general, electrical engineers of the future will be able to cope with the newly-emerging challenges of the highly developing technical requirements of households, traffic, entertainment and industries.

Optional specialization:

IT systems

Optional technical modules:
E curriculum:

  1. Embedded systems
  2. Automated production systems 

D curriculum:

  1. Hardware
  2. Computer networks
  3. Internet technology

Technical training:

The technical training is at least for 6 weeks at a training facility. Technical training is a criterion.
 Dual training participants have a technical training period after each active semester.

Entrance information: